Welcome to Mr. Wentworth’s Global History blog!  This blog will serve as a resource for us throughout the year, and will increasingly serve as a platform where you, my amazing 21st century students, will author your own posts about issues that are important to you.


  • To use this blog, you must have an email address!  With your email address, you will subscribe to the blog (a process I will walk you all through) and then when new posts goes up, you will receive an email announcement in your inbox.
  • Your email address must identify you by last name and section.  For example:  John Doe in the section #2 = johndoe2@gmail.com, jdoe2@gmail.com.
  • Do NOT use an email with a nickname I cannot identify, like bklynflyguy@gmail.com or divalicious2000@gmail.com.  Save those handles for your friends.
  • This blog is an extension of our interactions in the classroom, and the same rules of respectful and accountable communication with each other apply online.

Here are some of the ways this blog will come in handy for us…

  1.  Homework Announcements:  I expect you to write down homework assignments in class, but I will also post each night’s homework assignments on the blog.  You can use the comments to ask homework-related questions of me, and each other, up to 10pm.  After 10pm, I will not respond to any comments, emails, or texts, and will accept no excuses for incomplete homework blamed on any confusion that happens after 10pm.
  2. Non-Fiction Fridays:  Each week, I will assign a new student to find a brief news article (1-3 pages) on a global political, social, or economic topic of personal interest.  The student will then write a one paragraph introduction to the article that poses a question for online comments and class discussion.  If it is your week, you will post your article and introduction on Wednesday, and I will explain how to do so.  Hard copies of articles are also acceptable, but must delivered to me on Tuesday so I have time to photocopy and distribute them to all students on Wednesday.   After reading the articles and introduction for the each week, we discuss them in class on Friday.  My hope is that you will help lead the discussion for your assigned week.
  3. Classroom Related News:  I will do my best to document our undertakings like special projects, guest speakers, class debates, or field trips, and will post reports on the blog so that you, your peers, and your families can keep track of the great progress I expect you will make this year.