CHINA VIDEOS: The Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution

The following videos are referenced in your China packet from class.  Please watch them and respond to the guiding questions.  We will have a short, multiple-choice quiz on this material on Wednesday, so be prepared!


The first video is referenced on page 3 of your packet and explains the goals of the Great Leap Forward (6 minutes):


The next two videos are referenced on page 6 of your packet and describe the origins and progress of the Cultural Revolution.  Here is the “NTDTV Video on the Cultural Revolution” (7.5 minutes):

Here is the “documentary about the Cultural Revolution” (17 minutes):


If you would to view another video that sums up China’s Revolutions, here is a Crash Course World History Video with our old friend Mr. Green (12 minutes):

NOTE: this Crash Course video, while highly informative and entertaining, is not part of your packet and will not help you answer the guiding questions.  It is “additional viewing”, not a substitute for viewing the other videos from your packet posted above:


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