WELCOME! Now please rise for the singing of our national anthem…

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ALSO FOR HOMEWORK:  Following up on today’s class, I would like you all to listen to the following  4 minute National Public Radio segment entitle “A Spanish Version of the Star Spangled Banner“.  The audio player should load below, but if not, click here to visit the NPR website and use their player.


This radio segment asks the question whether there should be an official Spanish language version of the song, which major musicians (including Wyclef Jean, Pitbull, and many others) released in 2006, entitled “Nuestro Himno” (“Our Anthem”), to accompany nationwide immigration protests. Please respond to this question by commenting on this post.  Just click on the “Leave a Comment” link on the left side of this post near the top and share your response.

Finally, as promised, here is a video of Jimi Hendrix performing the “Star Spangled Banner” live at Woodstock in 1969.  Ask yourself whether you think this version of the anthem is an expression of patriotism, or protest, or perhaps both?



19 thoughts on “WELCOME! Now please rise for the singing of our national anthem…”

  1. I do not support the idea of making a Spanish version of the star spangled-banner song because no one will even understand the meaning being that it’s going to be sung in Spanish. And also being that it’s in Spanish not everyone is going to know the words. Everyone doesn’t even know the meaning of the song when it is sung in English sometimes people just sing it to go along with the crowd because they know it’s about the war that we fought in so they automatically go with it. I believe if they are going to make a Spanish version then it should only be sung in their country.


  2. I don’t think there should be a official Spanish version of the anthem because it wouldn’t be fair to the other countries who speak different languages .


  3. There should be a Spanish anthem, singing the anthem in another language doesn’t take away it’s original meaning or level of importance. Plus, it’s purpose is accompanied by immigration protests. I feel like singing the anthem in Spanish is a form of diversity, pride of their background, so why not? The national anthem in English is just one perspective, one meaning, one overall outlook on America. If that makes sense.


  4. “Go place else and sing it?” How ignorant can that be? They are making a statement that has significance to them. Not to any one. Not to him.
    He states that they don’t know the “true” meaning behind the song. Okay? Neither does thousands of others of people. If they want too, which they can they can sing their own version of it so they can at least show the freedom that they have, because at the end of the day, not many will know the true meaning of it, and people will still see it as being a “Freedom” song, which is what the Hispanics are portraying.


  5. I feel as though there should not be a spanish version to the national anthem because it is kind of modifying what was written long ago. Just because they want to support a certain cause doesn’t mean they should make another version to an anthem thats suppose to stand for America. These spanish people should be adjusting themselves to our customs and it also isn’t fair. There are other languages in this country as well that are facing minority issues but that doesn’t mean we’re going to make over the Star Spangle Banner in every language.


  6. No because it isn’t fair to the non Spanish speakers. If it’s done to a particular language then it should be done to all language but that will be to much. A Spanish version to to the national anthem will be great but it shouldn’t be official.


  7. Yes, I believe that we should have an official Spanish language version of the anthem. America being as diverse as it is has to do certain things so that all the cultures that live here feel comfortable and with Hispanic people being a large part of the population they shouldn’t be ignored.


  8. I believe that it would be a good move for our county to have an official spanish version of our anthem. Considering our country has a variety of languages spoken , spanish is one of the main other languages spoken. Although, I believe that if they’re gonna have the anthem translated in spanish we should have translated in other languages. This would support the idea that “other people will understand what is being said and be relevant to more people”.


  9. Yes, I believe that there should be an Spanish language version of the anthem. The same way the national Anthem is in English so it’s easier for our understanding , other languages should be able to do the Same. Also it shouldn’t matter because changeing the language doesn’t change the meaning of the national anthem


  10. yes I believe there should be a Spanish language speaking version of the anthem. The same way how the national anthem is in English for better understanding for us there should be ones in different languages for the same reason Also changing the language will not change the meaning of the national anthem.


  11. yes I believe that there should be an Spanish language version of the anthem. The same way the national anthem is in English for better understanding . There should be one in a different language for the same reason. Also changing the language doesn’t change the meaning of the national anthem.


  12. There should be a Spanish version to the song because America has a lot of Spanish immigrants and everyone should be able to easily understand the true meaning of the song & if you live the America you should be included in everything that has to do with America.


  13. I think that there’s nothing wrong with having a Spanish anthem because it expresses how America is not just for the American people, but it is for all people. All people meaning those of different cultures and ethnic groups. Sure it may not be understood but we can easily learn the meaning if we tried to. Although, this song may make a few question why not in their language? Why don’t we just put the anthem in any language? There are two sides to this idea but, I believe that it’s okay for the anthem to be in another language.


  14. I posted a comment before but I don’t think it showed but I believe there should be a Spanish version of the anthem because it expresses that America is more than just a place for it’s own people, it’s for all races, ethnic groups, cultures. It shows a sense of diversity and even makes America seem different from every other country. It may spark concerns to others and make them question why not in their language, why can’t it just be in any? There are two sides to this whole thing but honestly, it should be in Spanish.


  15. I think that there shouldn’t be a Spanish national anthem because if that’s the case every culture & race should have thit own national anthem. The point of our anthem is diversity among everyone.


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